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    5 Reasons

    Of course, there are many reasons to study abroad and each student has his or her own guiding light.  Below are the 5 main reasons we think everybody should consider studying abroad and we’re guessing that there’s at least one in there that you haven’t thought of.

    Reason #1: Experience Another Culture
    You don't even realize it, but our culture shapes the way we view the world and affects us every minute of the day.  Differences in culture are more than just differences in language, food, clothing and art.  Cultural differences reflect deeply ingrained perceptions about the world and about one's way of life, and these perceptions are radically different from one culture to the next.  Students who study abroad return home with a broadened and less biased perspective toward other cultures.  Simply put, studying overseas makes you see your everyday world in a whole new light.
    Reason #2: Discover Yourself
    Find out who you really are.  What are your limits?  How do you overcome obstacles you've never before encountered?  How far can you push yourself?  How independent are you?  These questions are hard to answer until you are removed from your usual surroundings.  By leaving your comfort zone you'll get to know strengths you never before knew you had.  After solving difficult problems on your own overseas, you'll find that almost nothing fazes you at home.  Corny as it sounds, students who study abroad commonly report that their study abroad experience actually changed their lives.
    Reason #3: Set Yourself Apart
    You'll be setting yourself apart from other students in today’s global society.  Potential employers will be impressed that you have a unique perspective on not only another society, but your own as well.  Having had an overseas study experience shows that you're motivated, inquisitive and willing to try new things; all very appealing qualities in an employee.  People who study abroad tend to be willing to take risks, willing to put themselves in unusual situations, able to solve problems under unique circumstances and able to overcome the fear of the unknown.
    Reason #4: Join A Global Community
    It's one thing to read about the culture of another country, but another entirely to experience it yourself.  Things you had previously only read about in a book or learned about in a classroom will become your own personal experiences.  You will also find that you will make long-lasting friendships with students all over the world.  Not to be cynical, but can you think of a better way to get free accommodation (okay, comfy sofas) across the globe for the rest of your life?
    Reason #5: Best Time (Of Your Life)
    This is without doubt the best time in your life to study abroad.  If you've ever thought about living overseas, a great way to do this is whilst at university.  This way, you will benefit from living and traveling abroad whilst furthering your studies and having easy access to visas, which allow an extended period of stay.


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