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    Shimer College Course Equivalents

    A Course on the Use and Appreciation of Mathematics Free Elective
    Acting Workshop Free Elective
    Adam Smith and the Market Society SOC 300-level
    Bazin’s Children: Cinema in the French New Wave HUM 300-level
    Biblical Studies HUM 300-level
    Bioethics HUM 300-level
    Charles Dickens as Social Critic HUM 300-level
    Child Psychology and Theories of Education SOC 300-level
    Classics of India: Three Sources HUM 300-level
    Construction of Subjectivity HUM 300-level or SOC 300-level
    Contemporary Critical Theory HUM 300-level
    Elementary Latin Free Elective
    Environmental Science Free Elective
    Feminist Theories HUM 300-level
    SOC 300-level
    Film Genre Study: The French New Wave; La Nouvelle Vague HUM 300-level
    German for Reading I Free Elective
    Human/Animal SOC 300-level
    Humanities 1 HUM 100-level
    Humanities 2 HUM 100-level
    Humanities 4 HUM 300-level
    I Ching HUM 300-level
    Indian Thought-The Four Yogas HUM 300-level
    Integrated Studies 2 (see note 1) Will be evaluated on an individual basis
    Integrated Studies 6 (see note 1) Will be evaluated on an individual basis
    Introduction to Film History and Criticism HUM 300-level
    Introduction to the Works of Soren Kierkegaard HUM 300-level
    Italian Cinema: From Neorealism through HUM 300-level
    Fellini and Wertmuller
    HUM 300-level
    Japanese Poetry HUM 100-level
    Mathematical Fiction Free Elective
    Men in the Dark: Five Comedies of Shakespeare HUM 300-level
    Morality of Capitalism HUM 300-level
    Natural Sciences 1 (see note 1) Will be evaluated on an individual basis
    Natural Sciences 2 (see note 1) Will be evaluated on an individual basis
    Natural Sciences 4 (see note 1) Will be evaluated on an individual basis
    Of Slavery and Slaves HUM 300-level
    Origins HUM 100-level
    Performance Studies: from Shakespeare to Stoppard HUM 300-level
    Reading and Writing the Short Story HUM 300-level
    Religious Language HUM 300-level
    Rabelais: Learning to Laugh HUM 300-level
    Samurai SOC 300-level
    Shakespeare’s Comedies HUM 300-level
    Shakespeare’s English History Plays HUM 300-level
    Shakespeare's Villains HUM 300-level
    Social Sciences 1 SOC 200-level
    Social Sciences 2 SOC 200-level
    Social Sciences 4 SOC 300-level
    Spinoza’s Ethics HUM 300-level
    Tale of Genji HUM 300-level
    The Artistic Body HUM 100-level
    The Buddha: His Life and Teachings HUM 300-level
    The Films of Stanley Kubrick HUM 300-level
    The Literature of World War II HUM 300-level
    The Problem of Laughter in Some Great Works HUM 300-level
    That Make You Laugh Out Loud
    HUM 300-level
    The Tao Te Ching HUM 300-level
    Ulysses and Mrs. Dalloway HUM 300-level
    World War I and the Origins of the Modern HUM 300-level

    Note 1. Contact the Office of Educational Services regarding the evaluation of this course.

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