2013-14 Undergraduate Admission Video Contest Rules and Guidelines

Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) announces The Undergraduate Admission Video Contest for Enrolled IIT Undergraduate Students

First Prize: $200 Techcash
Second Prize: $150 Techcash
Third Prize: $100 Techcash
Additional Prizes: one winner in each category will receive a t-shirt

One winning submission will be selected from each of the following categories:

Submission Deadline: 12:00 p.m. (CST) Monday, March 31, 2014

In order to submit an Entry to the Contest, Participants must submit their video by 12:00 p.m. (CST) on March 31, 2014 (the "Submission Deadline"). Entries received after the Submission Deadline will not be considered. It is the sole responsibility of the Participant to ensure that his or her entry is received by the Submission Deadline.

Participants may submit their respective entries via Google Drive.

  1. Please use the file name format: "FirstName_LastName_SubmissionTitle_Category".
  2. Upload your video to Google Drive by visiting drive.google.com, log into your hawk.iit.edu email account, click the "Upload" icon at the upper left area of the screen, and select your video file.
  3. In order to submit your file, right click on it, then select "Share".
  4. Enter ssleva@iit.edu in the "Invite People" section, ensure that "Can edit" is selected in the option to the right, and ensure that the check box for "Notify people via email" is selected.
  5. Click "Share and save" to submit your entry.

It shall not be sufficient to show that you sent before the Submission Deadline. The Sponsor is not responsible for and will not pay any costs associated with the preparation and submission of any Entry.

Place of Submission: Google Drive

Winners will be announced no later than Monday, April 14, 2014.

Official Rules

DESCRIPTION OF THE CONTEST: The Undergraduate Admission Video Contest (the “Contest”) is designed to promote undergraduate studies and activities at IIT and provide the opportunity to earn a prize in recognition of such effort. To enter the competition, Participants (as defined below) must submit a video that conforms to each of the following requirements:

• The video must be not more than 2 minutes in length;

• A signed release form (under 18) (over 18) must be submitted for all persons shown in the video;

• Entrant must obtain permission to film inside any IIT building by contacting Marketing & Communications at 312.567.3206 or dmoriar2@iit.edu; and

• The video must contain an expressed mention of Illinois Institute of Technology or IIT;

• The video must not contain tasteless, offensive or vulgar content;

• The video files must not exceed 1GB; and

• The video must be in a digital format compatible with the following specifications:

Video Format: MP4/ MPEG/MOV/FLV,

Video Codec: H.264, MPEG-2 or MPEG-4,

Audio Codec: MP3 or AAC (stereo channel),

Video Resolution: 640×480 (Standard high quality video with 4:3) or 1290 x 720 (HD – High Definition video usually 16:9 widescreen), and

Frame Rate: 25 frames per second or better.

No Participant may submit more than one entry (“Entry”). Judges will choose, in accordance with these Official Rules, winning entries from the entries submitted as provided for in these Official Rules and prizes will be awarded to eligible winning Participants. Each individual submitting an Entry as provided for in these Official Rules shall be deemed a “Participant”.

1.      SPONSOR: The Contest is sponsored by Illinois Institute of Technology – Office of Undergraduate Admission (collectively, the “Sponsor”).

2.      BINDING AGREEMENT: In order to enter the Contest, Participants must agree to these Official Rules (collectively, the “Rules”). Therefore, Participants should read these Rules before entry to ensure they understand and agree to them. Participants acknowledge and agree that submission of an Entry in the Contest constitutes their agreement to be bound by these Rules. A Participant may not submit an Entry to the Contest and is not eligible to receive the prizes described in these Rules unless he or she agrees to these Rules. These Rules form a binding legal agreement between each Participant and the Sponsors with respect to the Contest.

3.      ELIGIBILITY: The Contest is open to any individual who is currently enrolled as an undergraduate student at IIT and who has agreed to these Rules. IIT faculty members, staff and graduate students are not eligible to participate. Participants under 18 years of age must demonstrate that they have the consent of a parent or legal guardian for submission of their Entry in order to be eligible for the Contest and to receive any prizes.

4.      CONTEST PERIOD: Subject to the submission deadlines set forth in Paragraph 5 of these Rules, the Contest begins at 9:00 a.m. (CST) on Monday December 2, 2013 and ends at 12:00 p.m. (CST) on March 31, 2014 (“Contest Period”). 

5.      SUBMISSION OF ENTRIES: In order to submit an Entry to the Contest, Participants must submit their video by 12:00 p.m. (CST) on March 31, 2014 (the “Submission Deadline”). Entries received after the Submission Deadline will not be considered. It is the sole responsibility of the Participant to ensure that his or her entry is received by the Submission Deadline. 

Participants may submit their respective entries via Google Drive.

It shall not be sufficient to show that you sent before the Submission Deadline. The Sponsor is not responsible for and will not pay any costs associated with the preparation and submission of any Entry.   

6.      JUDGING: Each Entry will be judged by a panel of faculty, and/or students, and/or alumni and/or staff of Illinois Institute of Technology appointed by the Sponsor in its sole discretion. Each Entry determined by the judges, in their discretion, to be a video submitted in accordance with these Rules will be deemed a completed Entry. The judges’ decisions in the foregoing matters are final and binding. All completed Entries will be evaluated and ranked based on the following factors: (1) Creativity, (2) Originality, and (3) Quality of Work. The highest ranked Entry will be declared the winner of the first prize, the second highest ranked Entry will be declared the winner of the second price, and the third highest ranked Entry will be declared the winner of the third prize. Scoring by the judges shall be made in their sole discretion, and their decisions in such matter shall be final and binding. Winners will be announced on or before 5:00 p.m. (CST) on Monday, April 14, 2014.

7.      OWNERRSHIP AND USE OF SUBMITTED ENTRIES; PRIVACY: By entering the Contest, each Participant agrees that: (a) the Sponsor will own the Participant’s Entry and (b) as between the Participant and the Sponsor, the Sponsor will own all publishing rights, of whatever kind, in and to the Participant’s Entry, provided that the Sponsor grants each Participant the non-exclusive, world-wide, royalty-free right to use his or her Entry for non-commercial purposes. Each Participant hereby irrevocably grants, transfers, assigns and conveys to the Sponsor all present and future right, title and interest of every kind and nature whatsoever, including, without limitation, all copyrights to the Entry for advertising and promotional purposes as well as the right, as it sees fit, to identify the Participant by name as the author of the Entry, except for the above-granted right back to each Participant. Each Participant hereby acknowledges that he or she does not reserve any rights in his or her Entry, except as provided herein. 

8.      PRIZES FOR First, Second and Third Prize WINNERS: Each eligible Participant who submits a completed Entry will have that entry judged, in accordance with Section 6, with the following prizes being awarded to the top three completed Entries:


1st Place: $200 Techcash (per submission)

2nd Place: $150 Techcash (per submission)

3rd Place: $100 Techcase (per submission)

Per Category:

The top winner within each of the ten (10) categories will receive an Illinois Institute of Technology t-shirt (one shirt per individual for group submissions).


The Illinois Tech Classroom

Campus Events

Scarlet Hawks Athletics




Women in STEM


International Diversity


For the avoidance of doubt, the Sponsor intends to award only thirteen (13) prizes in total: 10 t-shirt prizes and 3 Techcash prizes.


10.  GENERAL CONDITIONS: Prizes are awarded without warranty of any kind from the Sponsor, express or implied, without limitation, except where this would be contrary to federal, state, or local laws or regulations. All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply. Submission of an Entry in this Contest constitutes agreement by the Participant to the terms and conditions of these Rules. Decisions of the Sponsor and the judges are final and binding on all matters pertaining to this Contest.

11.  WARRANTY AND INDEMNITY: Each Participant represents and warrants to the Sponsor as follows: (i) the Entry submitted is the Participant's own, original, previously unpublished and previously unproduced work; (ii) the Entry submitted is wholly original to the Participant; (iii) the Entry submitted neither infringes upon nor violates the intellectual property rights or other rights of any other person or entity; and (iv) the Entry submitted does not and will not violate any applicable laws and complies with these contest Rules.  Each Participant hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and hold the Sponsor harmless from and against any and all third party claims, actions or proceedings of any kind and from any and all damages, liabilities, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees) relating to or arising out of any breach or alleged breach of any of the warranties, representations or agreements of Participant hereunder.

12.  DISQUALIFICATION: Any false information provided within the context of the Contest by any Participant concerning his or her identity, mailing address, telephone number, e-mail address, ownership of right or non-compliance with these Official Rules or the like may result in the immediate disqualification of the Participant from the Contest. The Sponsor further reserves the right to disqualify any Entry that it believes in its sole and unfettered discretion infringes upon or violates the rights of any third party or otherwise does not comply with these contest Rules.

13.  ARBITRATION: By entering the Contest, each Participant agrees that any dispute, claim or demand related in any way to the Contest will be decided by binding arbitration in accordance with the applicable rules of the American Arbitration Association. The venue for any dispute between a Participant and the Sponsors of whatsoever kind or nature arising out of these Rules shall be at a location selected by the Sponsor, but such location must be within the boundaries of Chicago, Illinois.

14.  FORFEITURE OF PRIZES: Prizes will be announced and awarded no later than April 14, 2014. The recipients of prizes will be notified by phone or email. All prizes will be available for pick-up by the winning Participants upon the showing of a valid identification at the IIT Office of Undergraduate Admission, 10 West 33rd Street, Perlstein Hall, Room 101, Chicago, IL 60616. The Sponsor shall have no further responsibility of liability for the awarding of prizes to the selected recipients.

15.  WINNERS LIST: A list of winners may be obtained from the Office of Undergraduate Admission on or after April 30, 2014.