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Director: David Mogul
Co-Director: Nicholas Hatsopoulos
Regular and Affiliate Members
Regular Members of the Center are faculty members at the Illinois Institute of Technology or the University of Chicago. Affiliate Members of the Center belong to affiliated institutions, such as the Argonne National Laboratory. Click on the name of a Regular or an Affiliate member from the list below to learn about their research program.
Gady Agam (Computer Science) -- Neuroimaging
Yali Amit (Statistics) -- Image processing algorithms
Mark Anastasio (Biomedical Engineering) -- Medical imaging
Konstantinos Arfanakis (Biomedical Engineering) -- Neuroengineering
Sliman Bensmaia (Organismal Biology and Anatomy) -- Neural coding, neural basis of perception
Sandra Whaley Bishnoi (Biological, Chemical and Physical Sciences) -- Nanoparticle synthesis, surface chemistry, surface enhanced Raman scattering
John Cacioppo (Psychology) -- Social neuroscience, neuroimaging
Emil Coccarro (Psychiatry) -- Psyciatric disorders, neuroimaging
Jack Cowan (Mathematics) -- Theoretical neuroscience
Jean Decety (Psychology & Psychiatry) -- Social cognitive neuroscience
Jennifer Kang Derwent (Biomedical Engineering) -- Retinal vascular disease
David J. Freedman (Neurobiology) -- Cognitive, systems, and computational neuroscience
Melina Hale (Organismal Biology and Anatomy) -- Motor control in zebra fish
Dorothy Hanck (Medicine) -- Voltage gated ion channels
Nicholas Hatsopoulos (Organismal Biology and Anatomy) -- Primate motor cortex; neural prosthetics
Mark Hereld (Argonne National Laboratory) -- Large scale modeling, parallel computation
Naoum Issa (Neurobiology, Pharmacology and Physiology) -- Physiology of visual cortex
Derek Kamper (Biomedical Engineering, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago) -- Recovery from stroke
Leslie Kay (Psychology) -- Physiology and behavior of olfactory system
Richard P. Kraig (Neurology) -- Activity-dependent neuroprotection
Benjamin B. Lahey (Health Studies and Psychiatry) -- Clinical child psychology, epidemiology, and behavior genetics
Jason N. MacLean (Neurobiology) -- 2-photon, circuits, computational neuroscience
Daniel Margoliash (Organismal Biology and Anatomy) -- Neuroethology; bird song
David Mogul (Biomedical Engineering) -- Epilepsy
Howard Nusbaum (Psychology) -- Speech perception
Richard Penn (Neurosurgery) -- Deep brain stimulation; hydrocephalus
Joel Pokorny (Ophthalmology and Visual Science) -- Visual psychophysics; color perception
Callum Ross (Organismal Biology and Anatomy) --Motor control in primates
Murray Sherman (Neurobiology, Pharmacology and Physiology) -- Physiology of the thalamus
Steven Shevell (Psychology) -- Color perception
Sam Sisodia (Neurobiology, Pharmacology and Physiology) -- Alzheimer's disease
Steven Small (Neurology) -- Neuroimaging; language; motor control
Ana Solodkin (Neurology) -- Motor recovery after stroke; early diagnosis of Alzheimer's
Gopal Thinkaran (Neurobiology, Pharmacology and Physiology) -- Cell and molecular biology of Alzheimer's disease
V. Leo Towle (Neurology) -- Epilepsy; neuroprosthetics
Philip Troyk (Biomedical Engineering) -- Neuroprosthetics
Vincent Turitto (Biomedical Engineering) -- Cell and tissue engineering
Wim Van Drongelen (Pediatrics) -- Epilepsy
Paul Vezina (Psychiatry) -- Drug abuse
Chunbo Zhang (Biological, Chemical and Physical Sciences) - - Olfactory system, gap junctions
Xiaoxi Zhuang (Neurobiology, Pharmacology and Physiology) -- Dopaminergic reward systems

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