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Completed request forms and supporting documents should be directed to:

Amy Benck
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Kara Johnson

- H-1B Processing Timeline

- H-1B Request Forms

- *Please note that all H-1B petitions require FedEx shipping both ways due to USPS delays.*

- J-1/ H-1b Departure Notice

- J-1/DS-2019 Request Form - SCHOLAR
- Position titles for incoming J researchers and documentation requirements
- Research Associate and Senior Research Associate Appointment Process
- Visiting Researcher Appointment Process
- Flow of J-1 Scholar Process
- Sample invitation letter for visiting short-term scholars and visiting scholars
- Financial Document Guidelines
- SEVIS Transfer IN for J-1 Scholars
- Extension Request for J-1 Scholars
- J-1/H-1b Departure Notice
- J-1 Scholar Handbook
- International Scholars Check-in process guideline
- Health Insurance Information
- U.S. Department of State J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program Website

- J-1/DS-2019 Request Form - STUDENT
- Hiring Department Job Offer Letters
Here are a few resources that you may find helpful in preparing to read the names in your class rosters:
(Chinese/Pinyin) (General Asian name pronunciation guide) (Indian names) (general site)
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