PE-FE Review Online—Free for Fourth- and Fifth-Year Undergraduate Engineering Students

PE-FE Review begins Friday, August 11 and runs through Saturday, October 14. Illinois Tech fourth and fifth year undergraduate students can register as seniors and take the program for free online.

Here’s how to register:

  • Log into the myIIT portal
  • Click on the Academics tab
  • Click on Add or Drop Classes
  • Under registration Term and Select a Term option, select 2018 Professional Learning
  • Click on the Class Search tab
  • Select Short Crs for Pro Dev and click Course Search

All of the PE –FE classes will be listed, and you can select the courses you want to take.

After registration is complete, you can use the “View Your Schedule” option to see your schedule just like you do in academic.

Important Note:

Only fourth and fifth year undergraduates can register for PE-FE courses as seniors.

Students who register for PE-FE as seniors cannot drop themselves from any. They must call the Office of Professional Development (OPD) to have themselves dropped. To reach OPD, call 630.682.6030 or email

If students do not asked to be dropped from a class and they do not attend the class, they will get an “NG” grade at the end of the semester.