FCOI Training? What’s That? (Hint: It’s Mandatory for Researchers)

If you are an Illinois Tech researcher, there’s a mandatory campus requirement related to research funding that you need to know about: financial conflict of interest (FCOI) training. This FCOI training is mandated by campus policy. All Illinois Tech researchers must keep their training current, and that means re-taking it every four years. FCOI training is offered in two formats: Blackboard or CITI. The training includes content on applicable federal regulations as well as information about the policy established by Illinois Tech.

For many Illinois Tech researchers, their four-year FCOI training certification needs to be renewed at this time. Illinois Tech policy states that a proposal for funded research may not be submitted on behalf of any investigator who hasn’t completed this training, so you definitely want to get it done and cross it off your list.

The good news is: It’s actually quite easy for you to take care of this requirement. And you do not have to complete it in one sitting; you can save your work if need be. So here’s how to get this one crossed off your list. First, choose one form of training, either Blackboard or CITI:

  • Blackboard Training: For faculty who do not receive funds from DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services) (e.g. NIH, FDA, SAMHSA, etc.): You may enroll within Blackboard, go to the Courses tab (top right next to My Institution). Enter “Financial” in the Course Search box, or click “Browse Course Catalog” and search for “Training & Professional Development.” Then choose BB_TD_FINANCIAL_CONFLICT_OF_INTEREST_POLICY to enroll.  (Please be mindful that that long string of characters with the underscores is a Blackboard course name, not a clickable link)

–or choose–

  • CITI Training: For faculty who do receive (or hope to someday receive) DHHS funding: You may enroll by visiting www.citiprogram.org and choosing the course “CONFLICTS OF INTEREST COURSE.”

Detailed steps for CITI training:

  1. www.citiprogram.org
  2. Create an account (if you do not have one already) and login; choose affiliation with “Illinois Institute of Technology.”
  3. Skip all training not related to FCOI – go immediately to “Question 4” on the course selection page and answer “yes.”
  4. Complete the four training modules.
  5. The CITI program will automatically create a report showing course completion, and their system will send reports to the compliance office the following morning. Important note: Before leaving the CITI site, save an electronic and/or paper copy of your training certificate.

Please visit the following link for additional information: https://research.iit.edu/orcpd/financial-conflict-interest-training

Finally, please save your FCOI training date and/or certificate. The Office of Research Compliance will receive an electronic copy of your training completion, but you can save time by having this at the ready if you are asked for proof of your training.

 If you have any questions about FCOI training, please contact Glenn Krell in the Office of Research Compliance at krell@iit.edu.