LifeWorks Life Coaching and July Features (Work and Parenting/Anger at Work)

LifeWorks, Illinois Tech’s Employee Assistance Program, offers a new work-life balance highlight each month. This month’s feature is work and parenting. There’s also a special feature for managers on anger in the workplace.

If you’re a working mom or dad, life can be a juggling act to say the least. This month, LifeWorks has a special work and parenting feature with resources just for you.

While at work, angry individuals can be disruptive at best. Knowing how to deal with an angry individual can help keep a situation from escalating as well.

Finally, did you know that Lifeworks offers a Life Coaching service? If you’re feeling motivated about moving forward with a life goal but don’t know where to start in order to achieve it, give LifeWorks a try. For more information, view this flyer: Life Coaching.

Remember that for these or any other work-life balance issues you may be experiencing, you can contact LifeWorks any time for confidential support, 24/7.

  • Online:
  • Username: ill502
  • Password: lifeworks
  • Toll-free, 24/7 phone line: 888.456.1324
  • En español: 888.732.9020
  • TTY: 800.999.3004
  • Download the “LifeWorks” app, available in iTunes and Google Play

For more information on LifeWorks, please visit the HR Portal Employee Assistance Program page.